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The power of Tokay Enhancements to upgrade your software is unparalleled in the industry.

The Tokay link to water records results in “smart” Cross-Connection Control software – software that “knows” where all the water is going. Tokay WebTest enables the utility to empower the private testers to enter test results online — saving a monumental amount of time for the utility staff. On-site workshops combine training, data validation and system setup. These are just a few of the enhancements we offer.

TokaySQL User License Sets

The TokaySQL base program includes one license set (2 named users and 1 floating user). If the utility has more than three full-time users additional license sets allow more users to log on at the same time.

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Link to Water Records

We link your backflow records to your water records. We load all the data in the water billing software that will help achieve your backflow program goals. You will know where the water is going and how it is being used…

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Tokay Mail

Utilities struggle with three time consuming tasks. None of these tasks require or make good use of the backflow prevention program’s trained personal. The first time-drain is entering test results, the second is keeping up with mailing addresses and the third is sending notices. Tokay can help you with all three.

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Tokay Web Test

Keep your data on-site and give community testers the ability to enter their test results online with the Tokay Hybrid-Cloud Model.  Join the many utilities around the country who are leveraging the power of the cloud to reduce the bulk of their daily data entry tasks ­— saving time and increasing efficiencies.

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Data Conversion

We will convert your current backflow prevention data into the Tokay Software application. With data conversion and a link to water records, your system will be turn-key ready.

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TokaySQL Datasets

The TokaySQL base application includes two datasets. Datasets are organizational tools allowing you to group your records by broad categories (e.g. Residential and Non-residential)…

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Navigator Multi-User License

Upgrading from a Navigator single user license to a multi-user license allows you to install the application on as many workstations as you like. User passwords and administrator assigned permissions will give users full rights, limited rights or read-only capabilities…

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