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Phone Training

We train any and all utility personnel who are interested in learning how to use the software. Our training is custom-tailored for each audience. We train users on the day-to-day use of the software to meet their program tasks and needs. We train managerial personnel on how to best gain access to the data they need, maximize the program’s performance, and plan for the future. We work with IT folks to help them understand the technology of the program, including data integrations.

We train differently than anyone in the industry; we train using the user’s data. We take a backup and load it on our trainer’s computer. This allows the trainer to see what the user is seeing. The trainer is able to answer questions specific to the user’s system, while helping the user standardize and normalize their data. This type of training is invaluable and is included in the standard support agreement.

If you’re looking for on-site training, click here to learn more.

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