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Good software design is really important but, knowing how to best utilize your software, knowing you can depend on someone to help you overcome any obstacles – technological and logistical – is equally important.

Matt Benton, Compliance Specialist II

Sarasota County Public Utilities (South West Florida)

Matt Benton, Compliance Specialist II of Sarasota County Public Utilities (South West Florida)…

Onsite Workshops

A Workshop is the gift of time for your Cross-Connection Control program. While we are with you everyone involved with the program can focus on the task at hand. We will jump-start your Cross-Connection Control program and help you develop strong, realistic (do-able) program goals and procedures. We help you structure the backflow prevention program to ensure it is under your control and will remain under your control. Workshops put your data in the spotlight. We will verify and normalize your data with you because good data is the foundation of a good Cross-Connection control program.

The Focus of the Workshop


    • Data: Working with you, we analyze, verify and normalize your data.
    • Procedures: Your current procedures are reviewed for viability, efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Software Training: Software training is always the key to effective software use. We guide you through your learning curve at your pace. Training begins during the Workshop and continues for as long as you are a Tokay client.

Discovery Days

The perfect first step for large utilities with a laundry list of Cross-Connection Control goals is a Tokay, on-site, Discovery Days Technical Design Session. This gives us an opportunity to learn the details of your current system and your long and short range goals. We will review you data and your resources. Discovery Days gives us a valuable window into your needs the result is a targeted agenda we will use during the follow-up on-site Workshop.

The Focus for Discovery Days


    • To gain a detailed understanding of the current procedures and issues.
    • To identify the short and long term goals of your program.
    • To conduct a detailed review of the backflow prevention data.
    • To conduct a detailed review of the water customer records (relate to Cross-Connection Control).

Phone Training

We are invested in our users. We want you to be successful. Over the years, we have identified training as one of the most meaningful components of user success and thus user happiness. Every user has backflow program goals and daily tasks. You need your data to work for you and the key is to know how to use the software. New users want to know how to enter data in a very short time the user is ready to more on to more sophisticated tasks. We work with you from the day you start and continue to work with you as long as you are a user. Unlimited phone training for all users is included in your support agreement. Our lead trainer is a certified teacher with years of experience in the school system before joining Tokay Software. We identify where you are and we help you get to where you want to go. We work with you to accomplish your learning curve and our patience and respect makes the process enjoyable and successful.

Technical Support

Technical issues can be a function of software glitches, computer permissions or network issues along with a host of other possibilities. When a problem is reported we take all of the possible causes into consideration. If the cause is a software glitch or a function of permissions the fix is usually straightforward and easily implemented. If the cause is more complex and thus more difficult to determine we keep researching until the issue is solved. Our support is successful because of our experience, our expertise and our commitment to finding a solution.

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