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We publish and support intelligent, well-designed backflow prevention software.

TokaySQL is the most comprehensive Cross-Connection Control administration software available today. It is the best solution for both large and small utilities who want power and efficiency.

Matt Benton, Compliance Specialist II

Sarasota County Public Utilities (South West Florida)

Matt Benton, Compliance Specialist II of Sarasota County Public Utilities (South West Florida), needed software that would enable himself and his co-workers to organize and structure a sizable Cross-Connection Control program. They needed flexibility. They needed data management tools. Over the years past there had been several missteps. Now they knew they wanted software that was specifically designed to oversee a comprehensive backflow prevention program.

TokaySQL is Tokay Software’s most powerful application. It was developed to meet the needs of both backflow prevention program administrators and the staff of the information technology department.

For the user the power of the application is in 1) its flexibility, 2) its numerous data management tools and 3) its ability to be truly user-friendly. We have thirty years Cross-Connection Control industry experience. We work with users every day. This experience has resulted in software that addresses the real-life needs of strong Cross-Connection Control programs.          


TokaySQL – Microsoft SQL 2005 /2008 / 2012 database

TokaySQL – Microsoft .NET application

  • Database management simplicity
  • Many, many data management tools
  • Unlimited phone training and data management support
  • Technical support available sixty hours a week
  • Comprehensive, easily accessed historical data
  • Intelligently designed user interface

Screenshots of the TokaySQL program

Program Enhancements

Tokay SQL Water Billing Data Link

The Tokay Data Link between the Water Customer Database and the Tokay Cross-Connection Control software.

The primary goal of cross-connection control programs is to protect the drinking water supply. In our experience the best way to do this is to start with a database of ALL water services. Trained professionals then make a decision regarding each water service – potential hazard – yes or no. If a hazard exists, a determination is made how to best protect the system from contamination. Sometimes a backflow prevention assembly is the best option. The type of assembly required depends on the level of hazard. Sometimes the hazard is so great a backflow prevention assembly is not sufficient. If a backflow assembly is required, it needs to be installed and tested periodically. Thus, testing is the end result of a good cross-connection control program. It starts with all the water services loaded in Tokay. The Tokay software is designed to support all aspects of a cross-connection control program – starting with the services and ending with testing. We set up the link to meet your goals, priorities, systems and limitations of the system.

The power of the Cloud helping do your job

Use the power of Cloud technology in combination with in-house Cross-Connection Control program oversight. The hybrid Cloud solution keeps you in control of your data. Tokay assumes responsibility for the time-consuming tasks that take you away from your primary goal – to protect the water distribution system.

Testers enter test results in the field; tests are uploaded to a secure hosted website. Tests are uploaded to the utility the following day. Tests results are reviewed, entered and rescheduled within moments- electronically.

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Tokay Hybrid Cloud

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