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Hybrid Cloud

Tokay’s Hybrid-Cloud keeps you in control, protects your data and harnesses the power of the cloud. 

The Hybrid-Cloud model draws on the power of cloud computing in combination with on-premises technology. The Tokay servers work in orchestration with your utility servers and together they allow workloads to move between private and public clouds as your computing environment changes. Your servers host the sensitive or critical data. Tokay servers host less-critical resources, such as assembly test results and the rescheduling of tests.

Tokay Hybrid-Cloud’s flexibility and scalability eliminates the need for you to make capital expenditures for web hosting, hardware, software, setup and maintenance.

Tokay Hybrid-Cloud is particularly valuable for your changeable workloads. For example, backflow assembly testing is often seasonal in most parts of the country which causes demand spikes in staff resources. When you are powered by Hybrid-Cloud staff resources are not stressed as the Tokay servers absorb the demand spike without issue; utility staff needs remain stable.

Naturally data security is a viable concern. The Tokay Hybrid-Cloud is guaranteed secure. The process does not contain any personally identifiable information.

With Hybrid-Cloud technology the utility controls the data and the Cross-Connection Control program. Tokay oversees the clerical tasks by harnessing the power of cloud computing.

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On-site software plus cloud computing • Easy to install • Easy to deploy • Easy to manage, learn and maintain • The utility controls the data and the program

Tokay Hybrid Cloud

With Tokay Hybrid-Cloud

  • You maintain the valuable customer relationships you’ve built over time
  • You oversee tester performance
  • You maintain the quality of your backflow prevention program
  • You eliminate the boring, redundant tasks
  • You protect the integrity of your backflow prevention program by staying in control.
  • We supply a secure website – secure data – and secure customer records.
  • We give you customized logos and a custom web interface.
Inside management is the only way to ensure a quality program and the integrity of the data. You administer the program – we do the grunt work. Tokay Software has years of experience (and thousands of users). We would like to partner with you in the field of web test entry.

Tokay Hybrid-Cloud

  • Maintain Control of your program and your data
  • Benefit from our experience
  • Customize your site interface
  • Generate revenue (optional)
  • Eliminate the technical headaches
  • Maximize Security

Hybrid-Cloud and Web Test Entry – How it Works

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How it Works

Your network and the Tokay Hybrid-Cloud network operate independently of each other, communicate over an encrypted connection, make use of technology that allows for the portability of data and applications in which the servers are distinct and independent elements. This allows you to store protected or privileged data on your servers, while retaining the ability to leverage computational resources from Tokay Software to run applications that rely on this data. This keeps data exposure to a bare minimum because you are not storing sensitive data long-term on the Tokay Cloud component.


Hybrid-Cloud uses the power of Cloud technology

Hybrid-Cloud uses the power of Cloud technology in combination with in-house Cross-Connection Control program oversight. The hybrid Cloud solution keeps you in control of your data. Tokay assumes responsibility for the time-consuming tasks that take you away from your primary goal – to protect the water distribution system.


Testers enter test results in the field

Testers enter test results in the field; tests are uploaded to a secure hosted website. Tests are uploaded to the utility the following day. Tests results are reviewed, entered and rescheduled within moments- electronically.


We host the site

We host the site to minimize your IT staff time and you maximize your web entry benefits. We oversee all technical issues. You control the administration of the backflow program. As the responsible party, having control of the overall program is essential to your continued compliance with state statutes, local ordinances, building codes and water department regulations.


Your database is updated nightly; your data is always current

Your database is updated nightly; your data is always current. We work with you to ensure a strong backflow program while minimizing many of the boring, redundant tasks.

  • The Power of the Cloud – the Security of On-site Data
  • Retain Control of your Cross-Connection Control Program
  • Reduce redundant time-consuming clerical tasks
  • Minimize your IT staff time while you reap the benefits of technology
  • Data Integrity is paramount to a successful Cross-Connection Control program