Tokay Hybrid-Cloud

A Secure Hybrid-Cloud based Solution for Backflow Prevention Administration

TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud enables enterprises to maintain security & control over their data while maximizing efficiencies and minimizing IT costs. 


Let us show you what Tokay’s Hybrid-Cloud can do for you!

Cloud Technology

TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud  keeps your data on-site. We link your Cross-Connection Control records to your water customer information to keep your records current. 

  • Keep Your Data On-site
  • Link Your Backflow Database to Your Water Customer Database
  • Have Your Testers Enter Backflow Tests On-line

Testers enter test result on-line and you join the many utilities around the country enjoying the time-benefits of utilizing cloud power to take over a large percentage of your daily data entry tasks.

Why does the Tokay Hybrid-Cloud work so well?

1. Because You Control Your Own Data.

Your data resides on your server in your location. We link your Cross-Connection Control records to your water customer database. We keep your mailing addresses current.

2. Let Your Testers Enter the Test Results.

Professional testers are testing the backflow assemblies. Now they can enter those test results in your database for you. The test entry, on-line site, is available 24/7. The data on the Tokay WebTest site is minimal and not at all sensitive. The transfer of data from your database to the cloud and from the cloud back to your database is 100% secure.

3. The Site Works!

The site is in use by hundreds of testers who have entered thousands of tests. Utilities across the country have saved untold hours of manual test data entry.

4. The Cost is Minimal.

We charge a very low fee for each web test. We keep the fee extremely low so the utility can easily justify utilizing the service. Testers use a credit card when submitting their tests. The utility can also choose to absorb the cost with no fee per test for the tester. Utilities also have the option to add an additional per test fee. The additional fee enables the utility to generate income to help absorb some of the backflow program operating costs. 

5. The Test Entry Site is Your Own.

You can easily customize your web test site. Display your utility logo and dictate the messages your testers will see on every screen.

6. Testers Really Like Web Test.

Testers can enter tests on a tablet in the field. The testers receive a confirmation number for every test submitted. The tester has access to every test he/she has every entered.

7. You Control Your Backflow Program.

With the hybrid cloud model you are always in charge of your own backflow program. We take over the time consuming clerical tasks that bog you down and keep you from the really matters – protecting the drinking water. You control your data. We provide the service that saves you buckets of time.

The Tokay Hybrid-Cloud the Best of All Worlds.

A Live Web Tour is the Best Way to Experience the Beauty of the Hybrid-Cloud.

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